Apps to be more ecofriendly

The useful life of mobile phones seems to be getting shorter and, therefore, the massive consumption of these devices is devastating for the environment. Even so, 90% of the components of mobiles are reusable. If we all recycled them, we would save 140 million tons in raw materials distributed in plastic, glass and metals.

In spite of everything, during their life, we can also use smartphones to act in a more ecofriendly way. There are many Apps that help us along this way. Today we present a list of applications that help us take care of the environment in a simple way.


1. Fuel Calculator and Trip Fuel Calculator


These two Apps help us to calculate the fuel consumption of our routes. They inform us of the economic investment they suppose, but we will also be more aware of how much we pollute in each car journey.



2. Green Globe


This application helps you find sites that do not use too much energy or that their energy sources are environmentally friendly. A very interesting application for travel enthusiasts, as you will also find recommendations for hotels or cruises.



3. Energy Saver


An application that helps you to pollute less, thanks to reducing energy consumption at home. The app analyzes your energy consumption and guides you to know the home appliances which consume the most. You can improve your habits and change those appliances.


4. Ecosia


Ecosia is our preferred search engine.  We have it on the computer and now we can use it on our smartphone. Thanks to Ecosia, every search we make becomes a planted tree. In addition, because of it’s integrated counter, you can know with how many trees you have contributed.

Silk bed clothes

A while ago we talked about the benefits of dressing our bed with linen bed clothes, today we want to talk about the benefits of sleeping on a silk pillow pillow.


Silk is a non-absorbent fiber that retains the natural moisture of the skin and hair, thus maintaining its hydration.


The friction with certain tissues causes us to get up with marks on the face. Sleeping on a smooth surface reduces these wrinkles, which could cause premature aging.


Reduced friction also minimizes hair breakage and split ends.

We are waiting for you at Balmes 266, Barcelona!

Eco 2017

This year we have decided to be more eco than ever and we have found the best tips to achieve it. Here share some of them that you already know and others that are surely new for many of you.



1. Recycle

Although it is very obvious to many of us, it is one of the things that will help the environment. In our country the number of people who recycles is increasing, but if you still don’t do it, we encourage you to start!

2. Reuse (or upcycle)

Reusing is not simply using a plastic bag or water bottles more than once. If you use your imagination, you can reuse thousands of things and even give them a different function than they previously had. In this previous post from our blog you can find some examples.


Source: HGTV

3. Eat less meat

The meat industry has a bigger footprint in global warming than many people think. In addition, much water is needed to maintain the level of production. Limiting the number of pieces of meat we eat per week can be very helpful. Although it may seem strange, it is important to be aware of what it means for the Environment.

4. Use electronics consciously

Most of us use computers, internet, TVs, mobiles, … without thinking about the use of energy that this entails and we do not worry to know where it comes from. This is very applicable to the concept of “the cloud”. We all have documents stored there, or we watch movies coming from the same place, or we communicate thanks to it, but have you ever considered how much electricity we consume using some of our apps? In Click Clean they inform us about the energy source that many apps and they tell us which are the cleanest ones!

5. Buy eco products

Look at the origin of the products you buy. The greener products are not only good for the environment, but also for your health. Buy clothes that take care of the sea, shoes that try not to leave footprint or beds made with materials 100% natural, of maximum quality and with its corresponding ecological certification in our store. Our beds make sure you have the most natural, ecological and sustainable sleep. With them the art of sleeping becomes a healthy experience for the people and they are respectful with the environment.


Graphic design & Decor

Graphic design is everywhere and we encourage you to embrace it and bring it to your home. Some of the example that we love are in this post.


1. Bring graphic design to the walls

With paint… paredes-geometricas-pintura-ninos






…or wallpaper


that you can find in La Maison


2. Use typography as a piece of art







3. Use vinyl to create something unique




4. Create graphic design spaces






Sleeping Apps

In previous articles on this blog we have made recommendations to get a better sleep. Among them, we emphasized on not using mobile phones, ipads or watching TV before bedtime. Even so, these devices can also be a great help to rest. Today we introduce some apps to sleep better.



It is an application that studies our sleep cycles through movement or sound. Upon awakening, the application shows us some graphs that inform us of how we have rested and rate our sleep, the time that we have been in the bed and the steps that we have taken during the day. Also, it gives us the average time that we have been in bed since we used the app.

Thanks to its study of the sleep cycle, this app allows us to set an alarm to wake us up at the best time. When we decide the latest time we can wake up, the app will set a margin of 30 minutes to choose the most appropriate time to interrupt our sleep in a sweeter way.




This application is very similar to the previous one, with the addition of recording the sounds of our sleep hours, which will make us discover if our lack of sleep is due to our partner’s snoring, the footsteps of our dog or the neighbor playing music at 2:00AM.




An app somewhat different from the ones previously analyzed. Headspace showcase audios to help you meditate. Its free version proposes 10 levels that will help you take the first steps into meditation and fall in love with it. From then on, you can choose between monthly, annual, two-year or lifetime subscriptions. Among all its series of meditation we highlight the option “Sleep”, which will help you go to bed relaxed and improve your rest.

Oh, and enjoy great videos that will help you embark on your path to meditation.

Linen bed clothes

A good bed will help us sleep better, but we must add to it equally good complements. We can not forget to buy a good cushion or high-quality bedding. Among the many options we have to dress our bed, we’d highlight linen clothes. What are the qualities of linen?


  1. Linen is versatile and extremely durable.
  2. The fibers of linen sheets are two to three times stronger than cotton and silk, but it is both light and soft to the touch.
  3. When washing linen bedding, it does not lose its color.
  4. Neutralizes odors.

And now, its most interesting qualities.

  1. It is very hygienic, because it prevents the growth of microbes and pathogens. Something of vital importance for people suffering from allergies.
  2. Linen bed clothes absorbs moisture -it is hygroscopic- making it perfect for summer and winter, keeping us at the ideal temperature all year round.


Brick wall or wallpaper?

We love the exposed brick walls. Its old and warm air give a special touch to our spaces. Still, we all can not enjoy this kind of wall in our house, that is why today we introduce the wallpaper that will fool your eyes. Do you dare to try to guess what is a brick wall and what is brick wallpaper in this pictures? You will find the answers at the end.








Photo 1: exposed brick wall – Source

Photo 2: wallpaper – find it in La Maison

Photo 3: exposed brick wall – Source

Photo 4: exposed brick wall – Source

Photo 5: wallpaper – find it in La Maison


Cozy sofas

En días lluviosos como estos, apetece volver a casa, sentarse en el sofá y disfrutar de una tarde tranquila de libros, música o, simplemente, de estar con la familia. Por eso, nos gusta cuidar ese rincón que será nuestro refugio mientras cae la lluvia fuera.

Hoy os traemos algunos consejos para que vuestro sofá sea vuestro fiel compañero:

1. Elige los mejores cojines, para sentirte arropado entre ellos cuando te sientes a descansar.


2. Accesorios como un buen plaid para taparte cuando te entre el frío.


3. Haz tu sofá a medida, para que se adapte perfectamente a tus gustos. Puedes escoger el tamaño, la tapicería e incluso la dureza.


Nos dudes en venir a La Maison y equiparte para estos días fríos y lluviosos.

Passive houses


Casa Martina is an example of housing of the future. It is a self-sufficient house, part of the so-called passive houses: with minimal energy consumption or even completely independent energy system.

The Madrid house gets energy through photovoltaic, solar thermal and geothermal systems,all them renewable sources. It also has a network of collection and treatment of rainwater and gray water, which fills toilet deposits and water deposits to water the green areas of the house.

However, Martina House doesn’t stands only for this. One of the great features of the apartment is its Canadian well, which renews the air without losing energy or temperature through an underground installation that filters the air. Thus, the house doesn’t get energy only from renewable sources, but it is perfectly isolated for its efficient use.

Martina House is a perfect example of how we’d like houses to be in the future.


Source photo and text: El Mundo

Autumn colors

With autumn, we welcome the cold and some home new colors: the warmest. No need for big changes to adapt our home to the new season. With just a few cushions we can give a new tone to our space. Today we show you the most beautiful fall colors, which we can get only with carpets, wallpapers, cushions or a simple coat of paint.

Source: Oldbrandnew


Source: Design Chaser


Source: AD

Fotograf: Lina Östling +46 70 405 42 07 Stylist: Mari Strenghielm Nord Hemma hos paret Anna och Lars Norrman i Köpenhamn
Photograph: Lina Östling
+46 70 405 42 07
Stylist: Mari Strenghielm Nord
Hemma hos paret Anna och Lars Norrman i Köpenhamn